Shion Zaiden's Abilities

Shion Zaiden

シオン・ザイデン Shion Zaiden

A visiting Professor at Beacon Academy as well as a Huntsman specializing in Nightmare Grimm. He continues his journey to research this threat and save their victims.
Shion is invited by Ozpin to help Team RWBY in confronting the threat of the Nightmare.
He uses special items to capture the Nightmare, and his Semblance allows him to send the hearts of other into a sleeper’s dream.

Shion Zaiden

Shion’s ability

With his arm Dream Catcher and the thread made by his Semblance and Dust, Shion can interfere with sleeper’s dream. He can stand against Grimm with cooperation with the hearts of others he sends into sleeper’s dream.
Those who dive into the sleeper’s dream can only exist by switching themselves already in the dream. This means Shion himself cannot get in the dream of someone he never knows before.


Once they are in, they are not the same person in real world because they are constructed with sleeper’s memory and impressions towards them.


The duration of dives depends on Shion’s aura amount. It takes more aura with many divers.
Since he is a Huntsman slaying Grimms, his unique equipment includes Dream Catcher and related materials such as telephones and stuffed toys.
There will be 12 coins appear in a dream regardless the number of people Shion sends. Something happens when coins are used. That consumption also uses Shion’s aura.


Coin’s power

  1. Telephone booth

    Telephone booth pops up, making it possible to talk to Shion in the real world. Calls available only in a limited time. It disappears once the receiver is hung up.

  2. Marker Door

    Marker Door appears. Each Doors are connected and door to door transfer is available.

  3. Decoy

    A decoy of coin user emerges.

  4. Map of dream world

    A blackboard with a map of dream world appears. It, however, only represents visited places.

  5. Bring back to the real world

    Bring back someone Shion sent to sleeper’s dream to the real world.

About Nightmare



Nightmare is a special Grimm that grows by absorbing aura, possessing humans

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